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  • Shweta Sharma

Promethean Purchased Carbon Offsets to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

A global education tech company, Promethean, released a June 2 statement saying it has achieved carbon neutrality.


The Seattle-based company has taken the position that giving students a quality education and establishing a good working environment good hand-in-hand. While the matter of climate change concerns the world, companies like Promethean are beginning to signal leadership on the issue.

The carbon neutrality target was reached mainly through the purchase of carbon offsets, meaning that the company, acknowledging its continued emissions, paid to support efforts that help reduce carbon emissions globally. Promethean purchased offsets to support a Community Wind Farm project in Tamil Nadu, India, aimed to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions by substituting fossil fuel electricity with renewable wind energy. Promethean also made changes to improve its transportation model to reduce emissions by 30% and reduced packaging to escalate transportation efficiency by 20%.

The company aims to achieve more by setting goals to reduce its carbon footprint by an additional 25%. Lance Solomon, CPO at Promethean, stated, ”We understand that being a good corporate citizen includes addressing global challenges head-on.”


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