• Bridgette Britton

Climate First Bank Opens to Regenerate Wealth and World

Climate First Bank offers a unique idea – a bank that helps the climate regenerate while building economic sustainability. Florida is at the center of climate issues with flooding from sea level rise, and this values-based community bank is willing to take on the challenge.

Climate First Bank’s flagship location at 5301 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, Florida, opened on June 1, 2021. To celebrate this addition to the St. Petersburg community, a grand opening is planned for July.

Climate First Bank offers a complete, full-service portfolio of easy-to-use and straightforward traditional banking products. High technology powers the bank so it can meet the expectations of today’s consumers.

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Digital Banking Officer Marcio deOliveira brings his expertise in digital banking to make Climate First Bank cutting edge. “Climate First Bank offers the rare opportunity to have a direct and meaningful impact in accelerating innovation in banking while also moving the needle towards social and environmental sustainability,” said deOliveira. “My goal is to bring together the best of fintech while offering the benefits of a mission-driven community bank."

Standard banking services are not the only option. The company places a particular emphasis on non-governmental organizations and businesses committed to sustainability. Eco-conscious customers will find dedicated loan options for solar photovoltaic, energy retrofits and infrastructure to help combat the climate crisis.

Leading this is Climate First Bank founder and CEO Ken LaRoe, and Senior Vice President and Senior Corporate Advisor Chris Van Buskirk. Both men have worked together before and share similar passions to create a community bank that shares the values of its customers.

“I’m looking forward to joining Ken again with his latest venture and applying my previous experiences with commercial solar loans to get more traditional businesses on track towards sustainability,” said Van Buskirk. “Just like its name attests, Climate First Bank’s commitment to our climate goes much farther than ever before – our products are simple and make financial sense for any business.”


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