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  • Bridgette Britton

CarbonCroc Targets E-commerce’s High Carbon Footprint

CarbonCroc wants to help protect the planet, and they are taking on a top contributor to climate change – online shopping.

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Many people have ramped up their online shopping during the pandemic, but much of that scrolling and purchasing means more carbon added to an already overburdened atmosphere. The quick rise in e-commerce has made it even more critical for people to figure out ways to reduce their carbon footprints. CarbonCroc has an answer for the problem, and it is as easy as a click.

CarbonCroc works with other companies to help figure out ways to minimize their carbon footprint. While the consumer is making the choices about where to shop and what to buy for their homes, businesses often have a larger carbon footprint. After all, they are the ones who make and ship the products.

As the world continues to run on the pervasive flow of goods, it is imperative to lessen the impact.

The people at CarbonCroc created the first extension that helps offset the carbon footprint associated with online shopping. The CarbonCroc extension is added to an internet browser, and when consumers are ready to make a purchase, they choose either Team Tree (plant a tree) or Team Removal (remove CO2 from the air).

It’s a simple model.

It’s also free for the consumer. After CarbonCroc is installed, it relies on a merchant’s referral token on a given website. The token functions as an advertisement for the merchant with a fee for driving traffic to the site. CarbonCroc puts the fee toward carbon offsets after the consumer makes a purchase. Currently, the offsets are in the form of donations from CarbonCroc to Pachama to plant trees and to clean the air. CarbonCroc also works with Cool Effect that partners with several offset projects globally.

The company reported generating 72,000 kilograms of CO2 offsets so far. Businesses can take an online demo to learn more about how CarbonCroc works.


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